• Superfast Stone Chip Repair Chem Kit

Superfast stone chip repair chem kit is a dual viscosity stone repair kit is an acrylic compound that dries in under a minute and leaves a gloss finish on the stone while filling an imperfection. It uses a high viscosity (thicker fluid) to repair larger chips or chips that are not on a horizontal surface and use the low viscosity (watery fluid) for fissures, scratches or chips on horizontal surfaces. Just fill the hole with the adhesive and spray on the activator and let the chemical reaction begin! In a minute or less it will be hard. Scrape off excess from surface with a razor blade held vertical to the surface until flush with stone. This acrylic will dry water clear and look like glass. It is not to be used for any structural bonding like a lamination. This product is not for use in areas with direct sunlight.

This is a HazMat (hazardous material). There will be additional HazMat fees if this is for delivery outside of the continental USA or if you request the order to be shipped by other means than UPS ground delivery. If any additional fees apply to this order you will be contacted prior to us shipping the order for your approval.

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Superfast Stone Chip Repair Chem Kit

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